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Hmmm, my character is about enter the haunted house on a moonless night against her better judgement. If I had just the right word to describe how she feels!

feeling - Associated Words

Sorry, we do not have the definition for this word.
  • noun British slang (dated) for a prison
  • adjective satellite so tight as to tend to choke
    • a choky collar

Sick at the stomach; affected with nausea or sickly languor; inclined to vomit. Shak. -- Qualm"ish*ly, adv. -- Qualm"ish*ness, n.
Tending to smother; stifling.
  • adjective satellite harmonious in sound
    • the symphonic hum of a million insects

Sorry, we do not have the definition for this word.
sympathetical feeling
  • adjective satellite being concerned with the social and physical environment
    extroverted; extravertive; extrovertive; extravert; extrovert.

  • adjective satellite (informal) small and of little importance
    little; petty; footling; piffling; trivial; piddling; fiddling; picayune; lilliputian.
    • a fiddling sum of money
    • a footling gesture
    • our worries are lilliputian compared with those of countries that are at war
    • a little (or small) matter
    • a dispute over niggling details
    • limited to petty enterprises
    • piffling efforts
    • giving a police officer a free meal may be against the law, but it seems to be a picayune infraction
  • verb worry unnecessarily or excessively
    niggle; fuss; fret.
    • don't fuss too much over the grandchildren--they are quite big now

  • adjective exaggerated feeling of well-being or elation

feeling peckish
  • adjective satellite somewhat hungry
  • adjective satellite easily irritated or annoyed
    nettlesome; testy; tetchy; petulant; cranky; techy; fractious; irritable; scratchy; pettish; peevish.
    • an incorrigibly fractious young man
    • not the least nettlesome of his countrymen

feeling gypped
  • noun a swindle in which you cheat at gambling or persuade a person to buy worthless property
    bunko; bunco game; bunko game; sting; flimflam; con game; confidence game; bunco; hustle; confidence trick; con.
  • verb deprive of by deceit
    rook; scam; gip; nobble; goldbrick; con; short-change; mulct; bunco; victimize; hornswoggle; diddle; defraud; swindle.
    • He swindled me out of my inheritance
    • She defrauded the customers who trusted her
    • the cashier gypped me when he gave me too little change

feeling liverish
  • adjective satellite suffering from or suggesting a liver disorder or gastric distress
    bilious; livery.
  • adjective satellite irritable as if suffering from indigestion
    dyspeptic; bilious; atrabilious.

feeling nauseous
  • adjective satellite causing or able to cause nausea
    queasy; vile; offensive; loathsome; sickening; noisome; nauseating.
    • a nauseating smell
    • nauseous offal
    • a sickening stench
  • adjective satellite feeling nausea; feeling about to vomit
    queasy; nauseated; sick; sickish.

feeling groggy
  • adjective satellite stunned or confused and slow to react (as from blows or drunkenness or exhaustion)
    foggy; logy; stuporous; dazed.

feeling refreshed
  • adjective satellite with restored energy
    fresh; reinvigorated; invigorated.
  • verb refresh one's memory
    brush up; review; refresh.
    • I reviewed the material before the test

feeling antsy
  • adjective satellite nervous and unable to relax
    fretful; itchy; fidgety.
    • a constant fretful stamping of hooves
    • a restless child

feeling frisky
  • adjective satellite playful like a lively kitten

feeling appreciated
  • adjective satellite fully understood or grasped
    comprehended; apprehended.
    • dangers not yet appreciated
    • these apprehended truths
    • a thing comprehended is a thing known as fully as it can be known
  • verb recognize with gratitude; be grateful for

feeling deskilled
Sorry, we do not have the definition for this word.

beauty - Associated Words

To defend, as with a shield; to shield. Archaic Shak.
  • adjective satellite stunningly beautiful
    • a ravishing blonde
  • verb force (someone) to have sex against their will
    violate; ravish; dishonor; assault; dishonour; outrage; rape.
    • The woman was raped on her way home at night

  • adjective satellite tending to cause suspension of regular breathing
    • a breathless flight
    • breathtaking adventure

  • adjective satellite moving and bending with ease
    lissome; lithesome; lissom; slender; lithe; svelte; supple.

  • adjective satellite intense or sharp
    • suffered exquisite pain
    • felt exquisite pleasure
  • adjective satellite lavishly elegant and refined

  • adjective satellite of size and dignity suggestive of a statue
  • adjective satellite suggestive of a statue

  • adjective satellite completely free from dirt or contamination
    • pristine mountain snow
  • adjective satellite immaculately clean and unused
    • handed her his pristine white handkerchief

  • adjective being or coming from on high
    • interpret the plague as a visitation from heaven, a supernal punishment for the sins of men
  • adjective satellite of heaven or the spirit
    celestial; ethereal.
    • celestial peace
    • ethereal melodies
    • the supernal happiness of a quiet death

  • adjective satellite characterized by lightness and insubstantiality; as impalpable or intangible as air
    airy; aeriform; aerial; aery.
    • figures light and aeriform come unlooked for and melt away"- Thomas Carlyle
    • aerial fancies
    • an airy apparition
    • physical rather than ethereal forms
  • adjective of or containing or dissolved in ether
    • ethereal solution

  • adjective of or relating to or characteristic of marble

beauty pageants
  • noun an elaborate representation of scenes from history etc; usually involves a parade with rich costumes
  • noun a rich and spectacular ceremony

beauty shrining
  • noun a place of worship hallowed by association with some sacred thing or person
  • verb enclose in a shrine
    • the saint's bones were enshrined in the cathedral

beauty culturist
beauty captivates
  • verb attract; cause to be enamored
    capture; entrance; bewitch; fascinate; enamour; trance; beguile; charm; catch; becharm; enchant; enamor.
    • She captured all the men's hearts

beauty enthrones
  • verb provide with power and authority
    invest; vest.
    • They vested the council with special rights
  • verb put a monarch on the throne
    • The Queen was enthroned more than 50 years ago

beauty makeover
  • noun an overall beauty treatment (involving a person's hair style and cosmetics and clothing) intended to change or improve a person's appearance
  • noun a complete reconstruction and renovation of something
    • the blighted neighborhood underwent a total makeover

beauty enraptures
  • verb hold spellbound
    enthrall; ravish; delight; enthral; enchant; transport.

beauty outshines
  • verb shine brighter than
    • What star outshines the sun?
  • verb attract more attention and praise than others
    • This film outshone all the others in quality

beauty enthralls
  • verb hold spellbound
    ravish; delight; enthral; enrapture; enchant; transport.

beauty bewitches
  • verb attract; cause to be enamored
    capture; entrance; fascinate; enamour; trance; captivate; beguile; charm; catch; becharm; enchant; enamor.
    • She captured all the men's hearts
  • verb attract strongly, as if with a magnet
    mesmerize; mesmerise; magnetize; magnetise; spellbind.
    • She magnetized the audience with her tricks

How do I describe beauty that transcends all expectations?

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