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crusade Idioms & Phrases

fifth crusade

  • noun a Crusade under papal control from 1218 to 1221 that achieved military victories but failed when dissension arose over accepting the terms they had been offered

first crusade

  • noun a Crusade from 1096 to 1099; captured Jerusalem and created a theocracy there

fourth crusade

  • noun a Crusade from 1202 to 1204 that was diverted into a battle for Constantinople and failed to recapture Jerusalem

second crusade

  • noun a Crusade from 1145 to 1147 that failed because of internal disagreements among the crusaders and led to the loss of Jerusalem in 1187

seventh crusade

  • noun a Crusade initiated in 1248 after the loss of Jerusalem in 1244 and defeated in 1249

sixth crusade

  • noun a Crusade from 1228 to 1229 led by the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II who fell ill and was excommunicated by the Pope; by negotiation Frederick II was able to crown himself king of Jerusalem

third crusade

  • noun a Crusade from 1189 to 1192 led by Richard I and the king of France that failed because an army torn by dissensions and fighting on foreign soil could not succeed against forces united by religious zeal

youth crusade

  • noun political or religious or social reform movement or agitation consisting chiefly of young people
    youth movement.