The Story behind Niftyword

Hi, I am Sharmila. Me and my hubby, Siva are often on a blind hunt for a word that best suits some weird or esoteric idea that we had just dreamt up. Or just find the most appropriate word that best conveys our intentions while composing a concise email. Try as we might to come up with the most apt words, we are often stumped. There are ample services providing synonyms, but there are not many that provide words that are related to a concept by varying degrees and notions. I dream of a map that would let you spring to the different corners of wordverse. I want to be a word prospector who can dig up nifty words for any and all occasions. is an attempt in that direction. We hope the service helps you as it did for us. Maybe you might even find better use cases for it. If you like our little service, please do let us know how it helped you, we would be so glad. If you had any pain-points, shoot us an email as fast as you can, and we will be on it pronto!