moot : Idioms & Phrases

Moot case

  • a case or question to be mooted; a disputable case; an unsettled question. Dryden.
Webster 1913

Moot court

  • noun a mock court where law students argue hypothetical cases
  • a mock court, such as is held by students of law for practicing the conduct of law cases.
Webster 1913

Moot point

  • a point or question to be debated; a doubtful question.
Webster 1913


Moot"-hall`, Moot"-house` noun (Also<
  • Moot-hall
  • Moot-house
AS. moths.
  1. A hall for public meetings; a hall of judgment. Obs. "The moot-hall of Herod." Wyclif.
Webster 1913


Moot"-hill` noun
  1. (O. Eng. Law) A hill of meeting or council; an elevated place in the open air where public assemblies or courts were held by the Saxons; -- called, in Scotland, mute-hill. J. R. Green.
Webster 1913