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Derived words of lies

  • earliest
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    • adjective satellite (comparative and superlative of `early') more early than; most early
      • a fashion popular in earlier times
      • his earlier work reflects the influence of his teacher
      • Verdi's earliest and most raucous opera
    • adjective at or near the beginning of a period of time or course of events or before the usual or expected time
      • early morning
      • an early warning
      • early diagnosis
      • an early death
      • took early retirement
      • an early spring
      • early varieties of peas and tomatoes mature before most standard varieties

  • loveliest


    • noun a very pretty girl who works as a photographer's model
      cover girl; pin-up.
    • adjective satellite appealing to the emotions as well as the eye

  • holiest


    • noun a sacred place of pilgrimage
      sanctum; holy place.
    • adjective belonging to or derived from or associated with a divine power

  • ugliest


    • adjective displeasing to the senses
      • an ugly face
      • ugly furniture
    • adjective satellite inclined to anger or bad feelings with overtones of menace
      • a surly waiter
      • an ugly frame of mind

  • costliest


    • adjective satellite entailing great loss or sacrifice
      • a dearly-won victory
    • adjective satellite having a high price
      dear; pricey; high-priced; pricy.
      • costly jewelry
      • high-priced merchandise
      • much too dear for my pocketbook
      • a pricey restaurant

  • deadliest


    • adjective satellite causing or capable of causing death
      deathly; mortal.
      • a fatal accident
      • a deadly enemy
      • mortal combat
      • a mortal illness
    • adjective satellite of an instrument of certain death
      • deadly poisons
      • lethal weapon
      • a lethal injection

  • liveliest


    • adjective full of life and energy
      • a lively discussion
      • lively and attractive parents
      • a lively party
    • adjective satellite full of zest or vigor
      • a racy literary style

  • lowliest


    • adjective satellite low or inferior in station or quality
      small; modest; humble; low.
      • a humble cottage
      • a lowly parish priest
      • a modest man of the people
      • small beginnings
    • adjective satellite inferior in rank or status
      petty; junior-grade; lower-ranking; subaltern; secondary.
      • the junior faculty
      • a lowly corporal
      • petty officialdom
      • a subordinate functionary

  • friendliest


    • noun troops belonging to or allied with your own military forces
      • friendlies came to their rescue
    • adjective characteristic of or befitting a friend
      • friendly advice
      • a friendly neighborhood
      • the only friendly person here
      • a friendly host and hostess

  • silliest


    • noun a word used for misbehaving children
      • don't be a silly
    • adjective satellite ludicrous, foolish
      cockamamie; wacky; goofy; sappy; whacky; zany; cockamamy.
      • gave me a cockamamie reason for not going
      • wore a goofy hat
      • a silly idea
      • some wacky plan for selling more books

  • loneliest


    • adjective satellite lacking companions or companionship
      alone; solitary; lone.
      • he was alone when we met him
      • she is alone much of the time
      • the lone skier on the mountain
      • a lonely fisherman stood on a tuft of gravel
      • a lonely soul
      • a solitary traveler
    • adjective satellite marked by dejection from being alone
      • felt sad and lonely
      • the loneliest night of the week
      • lonesome when her husband is away
      • spent a lonesome hour in the bar

  • taliesin


    Sorry, we do not have the definition for this word.
  • likeliest


    • adjective has a good chance of being the case or of coming about
      • these services are likely to be available to us all before long
      • she is likely to forget
      • a likely place for a restaurant
      • the broken limb is likely to fall
      • rain is likely
      • a likely topic for investigation
      • likely candidates for the job
    • adjective likely but not certain to be or become true or real
      • a likely result
      • he foresaw a probable loss

  • wiliest


    • adjective satellite marked by skill in deception
      tricky; knavish; sly; slick; foxy; guileful; tricksy; dodgy; crafty; cunning.
      • cunning men often pass for wise
      • deep political machinations
      • a foxy scheme
      • a slick evasive answer
      • sly as a fox
      • tricky Dick
      • a wily old attorney

  • oiliest


    • adjective satellite containing an unusual amount of grease or oil
      oleaginous; sebaceous; greasy.
      • greasy hamburgers
      • oily fried potatoes
      • oleaginous seeds
    • adjective satellite unpleasantly and excessively suave or ingratiating in manner or speech
      fulsome; buttery; unctuous; soapy; oleaginous; smarmy.
      • buttery praise
      • gave him a fulsome introduction
      • an oily sycophantic press agent
      • oleaginous hypocrisy
      • smarmy self-importance
      • the unctuous Uriah Heep
      • soapy compliments

  • manliest


    • adjective possessing qualities befitting a man
      manlike; manful.
    • adjective satellite characteristic of a man
      manful; male; manlike; virile.
      • a deep male voice
      • manly sports

  • comeliest


    • adjective satellite according with custom or propriety
      comme il faut; decent; becoming; seemly; decorous.
      • her becoming modesty
      • comely behavior
      • it is not comme il faut for a gentleman to be constantly asking for money
      • a decent burial
      • seemly behavior
    • adjective satellite very pleasing to the eye
      sightly; bonnie; fair; bonny.
      • my bonny lass
      • there's a bonny bay beyond
      • a comely face
      • young fair maidens

  • homeliest


    • adjective satellite lacking in physical beauty or proportion
      • a homely child
      • several of the buildings were downright homely
      • a plain girl with a freckled face
    • adjective satellite having a feeling of home; cozy and comfortable
      homey; homelike; homy.
      • the homely everyday atmosphere
      • a homey little inn

  • stateliest


    • adjective satellite impressive in appearance
      imposing; noble; baronial.
      • a baronial mansion
      • an imposing residence
      • a noble tree
      • severe-looking policemen sat astride noble horses
      • stately columns
    • adjective satellite of size and dignity suggestive of a statue

  • smelliest


    • adjective satellite offensively malodorous
      stinking; foul-smelling; foul; foetid; funky; noisome; fetid; ill-scented.
      • a foul odor
      • the kitchen smelled really funky

  • chilliest


    • noun very hot and finely tapering pepper of special pungency
      chilli; chili; chile; chili pepper.
    • adjective satellite not characterized by emotion
      • a female form in marble--a chilly but ideal medium for depicting abstract virtues"-C.W.Cunningham

  • kindliest


    • adjective satellite showing or motivated by sympathy and understanding and generosity
      sympathetic; benevolent; large-hearted; charitable; good-hearted; openhearted.
      • was charitable in his opinions of others
      • kindly criticism
      • a kindly act
      • sympathetic words
      • a large-hearted mentor
    • adjective satellite pleasant and agreeable
      • a kindly climate
      • kindly breeze

  • jolliest


    • noun a happy party
    • noun a yawl used by a ship's sailors for general work
      jolly boat.

  • goodliest


    • adjective satellite large in amount or extent or degree
      sizeable; respectable; healthy; hefty; tidy; sizable; goodish.
      • it cost a considerable amount
      • a goodly amount
      • received a hefty bonus
      • a respectable sum
      • a tidy sum of money
      • a sizable fortune

  • ghastliest


    • adjective satellite shockingly repellent; inspiring horror
      macabre; grisly; sick; gruesome; grim.
      • ghastly wounds
      • the grim aftermath of the bombing
      • the grim task of burying the victims
      • a grisly murder
      • gruesome evidence of human sacrifice
      • macabre tales of war and plague in the Middle ages
      • macabre tortures conceived by madmen
    • adjective satellite gruesomely indicative of death or the dead
      sepulchral; charnel.
      • a charnel smell came from the chest filled with dead men's bones
      • ghastly shrieks
      • the sepulchral darkness of the catacombs

  • unlikeliest


    • adjective not likely to be true or to occur or to have occurred
      • legislation on the question is highly unlikely
      • an improbable event
    • adjective has little chance of being the case or coming about
      • an unlikely story
      • an unlikely candidate for reelection
      • a butcher is unlikely to preach vegetarianism

  • onliest


    • adjective satellite being the only one; single and isolated from others
      lonesome; solitary; sole; lone.
      • the lone doctor in the entire county
      • a lonesome pine
      • an only child
      • the sole heir
      • the sole example
      • a solitary instance of cowardice
      • a solitary speck in the sky
    • adjective satellite exclusive of anyone or anything else
      • she alone believed him
      • cannot live by bread alone
      • I'll have this car and this car only

  • saintliest


    • adjective satellite marked by utter benignity; resembling or befitting an angel or saint
      angelic; sainted; beatific; saintlike; angelical.
      • angelic beneficence
      • a beatific smile
      • a saintly concern for his fellow men
      • my sainted mother

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