in : Idioms & Phrases

In and in breeding

  • . See under Breeding.
Webster 1913

In and out

  • (Naut.), through and through; said of a through bolt in a ship's side. Knight.
Webster 1913

In as much as, ∨ Inasmuch as

  • in the degree that; in like manner as; in consideration that; because that; since. See Synonym of Because, and cf. For as much as, under For, prep.
Webster 1913

In that

  • adverb (formal) in or into that thing or place
    therein; in this.
    • they can read therein what our plans are
  • because; for the reason that. "Some things they do in that they are men . . . ; some things in that they are men misled and blinded with error." Hooker.
Webster 1913

In the name of

  • in behalf of; on the part of; by authority; as, it was done in the name of the people; often used in invocation, swearing, praying, and the like.
Webster 1913

Ins and outs

  • nooks and corners; twists and turns.
Webster 1913

To be (∨ keep) in with

  • . (a) To be close or near; as, to keep a ship in with the land. (b) To be on terms of friendship, familiarity, or intimacy with; to secure and retain the favor of. Colloq.
Webster 1913

To be in

  • to be at home; as, Mrs. A. is in.
Webster 1913

To be in for it

  • . (a) To be in favor of a thing; to be committed to a course. (b) To be unable to escape from a danger, penalty, etc. Colloq.
Webster 1913

To come in

  • . See under Come.
Webster 1913