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her Idioms & Phrases

In her complement

  • (Her.), said of the moon when represented as full.
Webster 1913

in her own right

  • adverb by reason of one's own ability or ownership etc.
    in its own right; in his own right; in one's own right.
    • she's a rich woman in her own right rather than by inheritance
    • an excellent novel in its own right

in her right mind

  • adjective satellite behaving responsibly
    in their right minds; in his right mind.

off her guard

  • adjective satellite not prepared or vigilant
    off guard; napping; off one's guard; off his guard; off-guard; off your guard.
    • the blow caught him napping
    • caught in an off-guard moment
    • found him off his guard

Pelican in her piety

  • (in heraldry and symbolical art), a representation of a pelican in the act of wounding her breast in order to nourish her young with her blood; a practice fabulously attributed to the bird, on account of which it was adopted as a symbol of the Redeemer, and of charity.
Webster 1913

To be on her beam ends

  • to incline, as a vessel, so much on one side that her beams approach a vertical position.
Webster 1913

To be out of her reckoning

  • to be at a distance from the place indicated by the reckoning; said of a ship.
Webster 1913

up to her neck

  • adjective satellite deeply involved
    neck-deep; up to your neck; up to their necks; up to his neck; up to my neck; up to our necks.
    • neck-deep in work
    • up to their necks in debt

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-Stephen King on J.K Rowling's excessive use of adverbs.

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