respective Meaning, Definition & Usage

  1. adjective satellite considered individually
    several; various.
    • the respective club members
    • specialists in their several fields
    • the various reports all agreed


Re*spec"tive adjective
Cf. F. respectif, LL. respectivus. See Respect.
  1. Noticing with attention; hence, careful; wary; considerate. Obs.
    If you look upon the church of England with a respective eye, you can not . . . refuse this charge. Ap. Sandys.
  2. Looking towardl having reference to; relative, not absolute; as, the respective connections of society.
  3. Relating to particular persons or things, each to each; particular; own; as, they returned to their respective places of abode.
  4. Fitted to awaken respect. Obs. Shak.
  5. Rendering respect; respectful; regardful. Obs.
    With respective shame, rose, took us by the hands. Chapman.
    With thy equals familiar, yet respective. Lord Burleigh.

Webster 1913