nigher Meaning, Definition & Usage

  1. adjective not far distant in time or space or degree or circumstances
    close; near; nigh.
    • near neighbors
    • in the near future
    • they are near equals
    • his nearest approach to success
    • a very near thing
    • a near hit by the bomb
    • she was near tears
    • she was close to tears
    • had a close call
  2. adjective satellite being on the left side
    near; nigh.
    • the near or nigh horse is the one on the left
    • the animal's left side is its near or nigh side
  3. adverb (comparative of `near' or `close') within a shorter distance
    closer; nearer.
    • come closer, my dear!
    • they drew nearer
    • getting nearer to the true explanation