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infirmity Meaning, Definition & Usage

  1. noun the state of being weak in health or body (especially from old age)
    valetudinarianism; debility; frailness; feebleness; frailty.

In*firm"i*ty noun
L. infirmitas : cf. F. infirmite. See Infirm, a.
plural Infirmities
  1. The state of being infirm; feebleness; an imperfection or weakness; esp., an unsound, unhealthy, or debilitated state; a disease; a malady; as, infirmity of body or mind.
    'T is the infirmity of his age. Shak.
  2. A personal frailty or failing; foible; eccentricity; a weakness or defect.
    Will you be cured of your infirmity ? Shak.
    A friend should bear his friend's infirmities. Shak.
    The house has also its infirmities. Evelyn.
    Syn. -- Debility; imbecility; weakness; feebleness; failing; foible; defect; disease; malady. See Debility.

Webster 1913

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