dismal: Prefix, Suffix and Derived words

Suffixes of dismal

  • dismally
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    • adverb in a cheerless manner
      • in August 1914 , there was a dismally sentimental little dinner, when the French, German, Austrian and Belgian members of the committee drank together to the peace of the future
    • adverb in a dreadful manner
      • as he looks at the mess he has left behind he must wonder how the Brits so often managed to succeed in the kind of situation where he has so dismally failed

  • dismals


    • adjective satellite causing dejection
      blue; dingy; drear; disconsolate; dreary; dark; gloomy; drab; sorry; grim.
      • a blue day
      • the dark days of the war
      • a week of rainy depressing weather
      • a disconsolate winter landscape
      • the first dismal dispiriting days of November
      • a dark gloomy day
      • grim rainy weather

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