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without Idioms & Phrases

absence without leave

  • noun unauthorized military absence
    unauthorized absence.

To be without rebuke

  • to live without giving cause of reproof or censure; to be blameless.
Webster 1913

To do without

  • to get along without; to dispense with.
Webster 1913

To go without

  • to be, or to remain, destitute of.
Webster 1913

To handle without gloves

  • with the gloves off, to take the gloves off to treat without reserve or tenderness; to deal roughly with. Colloq.
Webster 1913

To handle without mittens

  • to treat roughly; to handle without gloves. Colloq.
Webster 1913

To reckon without one's host

  • to ignore in a calculation or arrangement the person whose assent is essential; hence, to reckon erroneously.
Webster 1913


  • recourse. See under Recourse.
Webster 1913

without a stitch

  • adjective satellite without any clothing at all

Without day

  • a translation of L. sine die, without the appointment of a day to appear or assemble again; finally; as, the Fortieth Congress then adjourned without day.
Webster 1913

without doubt

  • adverb admittedly
    no doubt; to be sure.
    • to be sure, he is no Einstein


With*out"-door` adjective
  1. Outdoor; exterior. Obs. "Her without-door form." Shak.
Webster 1913

World without end

  • eternally; forever; everlastingly; as if in a state of existence having no end.
    Throughout all ages, world without end. Eph. iii. 21.
Webster 1913