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rampant Idioms & Phrases

Rampant arch

  • noun an arch whose support is higher on one side than on the other
  • . (a) An arch which has one abutment higher than the other . (b) Same as Rampant vault, below.
Webster 1913

Rampant gardant

  • (Her.), rampant, but with the face turned to the front.
Webster 1913

Rampant regardant

  • rampant, but looking backward.
Webster 1913

Rampant vault

  • (Arch.), a continuous wagon vault, or cradle vault, whose two abutments are located on an inclined planed plane, such as the vault supporting a stairway, or forming the ceiling of a stairway.
Webster 1913

Sejant rampant

  • sitting with the forefeet lifted up.
Webster 1913