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one Idioms & Phrases

After one

  • after one fashion; alike. Obs. Chaucer.
Webster 1913

All one

  • of the same or equal nature, or consequence; as, he says that it is all one what course you take. Shak. = all the same
Webster 1913

At one

  • in agreement or concord. See At one, in the Vocab.
Webster 1913

Ever in one

  • continually; perpetually; always. Obs. Chaucer.
Webster 1913

In one

  • in union; in a single whole.
Webster 1913

One and one, One by one

  • singly; one at a time; one after another."Raising one by one the suppliant crew." Dryden.
Webster 1913

One day

  • . (a) On a certain day, not definitely specified, referring to time past.
    One day when Phoebe fair, With all her band, was following the chase. Spenser.
    (b) Referring to future time: At some uncertain day or period; some day.
    Well, I will marry one day. Shak.
Webster 1913