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observation Idioms & Phrases

Lunar observation

  • an observation of a lunar distance by means of a sextant or circle, with the altitudes of the bodies, and the time, for the purpose of computing the longitude.
Webster 1913

meteorological observation post

  • noun one of a network of observation posts where meteorological data is recorded
    weather station.

observation dome

  • noun lookout consisting of a dome-shaped observatory

observation post

  • noun an elevated post affording a wide view

observation station

  • noun a station set up for making observations of something

observation tower

  • noun a structure commanding a wide view of its surroundings
    lookout; lookout station; observatory.

radio observation

  • noun an observation made with a radio telescope

through empirical observation

  • adverb in an empirical manner
    by trial and error; empirically.
    • this can be empirically tested

To take an observation

  • (Naut.), to ascertain the altitude of a heavenly body, with a view to fixing a vessel's position at sea.
Webster 1913

Weight of observation

  • (Astron. & Physics), a number expressing the most probable relative value of each observation in determining the result of a series of observations of the same kind.
Webster 1913