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much Idioms & Phrases

as much as possible

  • adverb to a feasible extent
    as far as possible.
    • she helped him as much as possible

For as much as, ∨ Forasmuch as

  • in consideration that; seeing that; since.
Webster 1913

In as much as, ∨ Inasmuch as

  • in the degree that; in like manner as; in consideration that; because that; since. See Synonym of Because, and cf. For as much as, under For, prep.
Webster 1913

much as

  • adverb in a similar way
    much as.

pretty much

  • adverb to some degree
    • we were pretty much lost when we met the forest ranger

that much

  • adverb to a certain degree
    • we will be that much ahead of them

To make much of

  • to treat with much consideration,, attention, or fondness; to value highly.
  • to treat as something of especial value or worth.
Webster 1913

To set much, ∨ little, by

  • to care much, or little, for.
Webster 1913

To think much

  • to esteem a great matter; to grudge. Obs. "[He] thought not much to clothe his enemies." Milton.
Webster 1913

To think much of, ∨ To think well of

  • to hold in esteem; to esteem highly.
Webster 1913

too much

  • adverb more than necessary
    • she eats too much
    • let's not blame them overmuch

very much

  • adverb to a very great degree or extent
    a lot; lots; a good deal; much; a great deal.
    • I feel a lot better
    • we enjoyed ourselves very much
    • she was very much interested
    • this would help a great deal

very much like

  • adverb in a similar way
    much as.