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lesser anteater

  • noun small toothless anteater with prehensile tail and four-clawed forelimbs; of tropical South America and Central America
    Tamandua tetradactyla; tamandu; tamandua.

lesser antilles

  • noun a group of islands in the southeastern West Indies

lesser ape

  • noun gibbons and siamangs

lesser bullrush

  • noun reed maces of America, Europe, North Africa, Asia
    soft flag; narrow-leaved reedmace; Typha angustifolia; narrow-leaf cattail.

lesser burdock

  • noun a plant that is ubiquitous in all but very acid soil; found in most of Europe and North Africa
    Arctium minus; common burdock.

lesser butterfly orchid

  • noun south European orchid having fragrant greenish-white flowers; sometimes placed in genus Habenaria
    Platanthera bifolia; Habenaria bifolia.

lesser calamint

  • noun low-growing strongly aromatic perennial herb of southern Europe to Great Britain; naturalized in United States
    Calamintha nepeta; field balm; Satureja nepeta; Satureja calamintha glandulosa; Calamintha nepeta glantulosa.

lesser celandine

  • noun perennial herb native to Europe but naturalized elsewhere having heart-shaped leaves and yellow flowers resembling buttercups; its tuberous roots have been used as a poultice to relieve piles
    pilewort; Ranunculus ficaria.

lesser centaury

  • noun common European glabrous annual centaury with flowers in dense cymes
    Centaurium minus.

lesser duckweed

  • noun of temperate regions except eastern Asia and Australia
    Lemna minor; common duckweed.

lesser galangal

  • noun Chinese perennial with pyramidal racemes of white flowers and pungent aromatic roots used medicinally and as flavoring
    Alpinia officinalis; Alpinia officinarum.

lesser hemlock

  • noun European weed naturalized in America that resembles parsley but causes nausea and poisoning when eaten
    fool's parsley; Aethusa cynapium.

lesser knapweed

  • noun a weedy perennial with tough wiry stems and purple flowers; native to Europe but widely naturalized
    hardheads; Centaurea nigra; black knapweed.

lesser kudu

  • noun a smaller variety of kudu
    Tragelaphus imberbis.

lesser omentum

  • noun a part of the peritoneum attached to the stomach and liver and supporting the hepatic vessels

lesser panda

  • noun reddish-brown Old World raccoon-like carnivore; in some classifications considered unrelated to the giant pandas
    Ailurus fulgens; red panda; bear cat; panda; cat bear.

lesser peritoneal cavity

  • noun an isolated part of the peritoneal cavity that is dorsal to the stomach
    omental bursa; bursa omentalis.

lesser prairie chicken

  • noun a smaller prairie chicken of western Texas
    Tympanuchus pallidicinctus.

lesser rhomboid muscle

  • noun rhomboid muscle that draws the scapula toward the vertebral column and slightly upward
    rhomboid minor muscle; musculus rhomboideus minor.

lesser rorqual

  • noun small finback of coastal waters of Atlantic and Pacific
    Balaenoptera acutorostrata; piked whale; minke whale.

lesser scaup

  • noun common scaup of North America; males have purplish heads
    Aythya affinis; lake duck; lesser scaup.

lesser scaup duck

  • noun common scaup of North America; males have purplish heads
    Aythya affinis; lake duck; lesser scaup.

lesser spearwort

  • noun semiaquatic Eurasian perennial crowfoot with leaves shaped like spears; naturalized in New Zealand
    Ranunculus flammula.

lesser sunda islands

  • noun a chain of islands forming a province of Indonesia to the east of Java; includes Bali and Timor
    Nusa Tenggara.

lesser twayblade

  • noun orchid having two triangular leaves and a short lax raceme of green to rust-colored flowers with the lip flushed mauve; Europe and Asia and North America and Greenland
    Listera cordata.

lesser whitethroat

  • noun Old World warbler similar to the greater whitethroat but smaller
    Sylvia curruca; whitethroat.

lesser wintergreen

  • noun the common wintergreen having many-flowered racemes of pink-tinged white flowers; Europe and North America
    Pyrola minor.

lesser yellow trefoil

  • noun clover native to Ireland with yellowish flowers; often considered the true or original shamrock
    shamrock; Trifolium dubium; hop clover.

lesser yellowlegs

  • noun a variety of yellowlegs
    Tringa flavipes.

to a lesser extent

  • adverb used to form the comparative of some adjectives and adverbs
    • less interesting
    • less expensive
    • less quickly

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