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lacrimal Idioms & Phrases

lacrimal apparatus

  • noun the structures that secrete and drain tears from the eye

lacrimal artery

  • noun an artery that originates from the ophthalmic artery and supplies the lacrimal gland and rectal eye muscles and the upper eyelid and the forehead
    arteria lacrimalis.

lacrimal bone

  • noun small fragile bone making up part of the front inner walls of each eye socket and providing room for the passage of the lacrimal ducts

lacrimal duct

  • noun any of several small ducts that carry tears from the lacrimal glands
    lachrymal duct; tear duct.

lacrimal gland

  • noun any of the glands in the eyes that secrete tears
    lachrymal gland; tear gland.

lacrimal sac

  • noun either of the two dilated ends of the lacrimal ducts at the nasal ends of the eyes that fill with tears secreted by the lacrimal glands
    tear sac; dacryocyst.

lacrimal secretion

  • noun saline fluid secreted by lacrimal glands; lubricates the surface of the eyeball
    lachrymal secretion.

lacrimal vein

  • noun drains the lacrimal gland; empties into the superior ophthalmic vein
    vena lacrimalis.