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inside Idioms & Phrases

inside caliper

  • noun caliper for measuring inside dimensions (the size of a cavity or hole); points on its legs curve outward

Inside callipers

  • (Mech.), callipers for measuring the diameters of holes, etc.
Webster 1913

inside clinch

  • noun a clinch with the end of the line inside the loop

Inside finish

  • (Arch.), a general term for the final work in any building necessary for its completion, but other than unusual decoration; thus, in joiner work, the doors and windows, inside shutters, door and window trimmings, paneled jams, baseboards, and sometimes flooring and stairs; in plaster work, the finishing coat, the cornices, centerpieces, etc.,; in painting, all simple painting of woodwork and plastering.
Webster 1913

inside information

  • noun true confidential information
    • after the trial he gave us the real details

inside job

  • noun some transgression committed with the assistance of someone trusted by the victim
    • the police decided that the crime was an inside job

inside loop

  • noun a loop consisting of a climb followed by inverted flight followed by a dive that returns to horizontal flight

inside out

  • adverb with the inside facing outward
    • she turned the shirt inside out
  • adverb thoroughly; from every perspective
    • she knows this town inside out

inside passage

  • noun a naturally protected waterway from Seattle to Skagway in southeastern Alaska
    Inland Passage.

Inside track

  • noun a favorable position in a competition
    • the boss's son had the inside track for that job
  • noun the inner side of a curved racecourse
  • the inner part of a race course; hence, colloquially, advantage of place, facilities, etc., in competition.
Webster 1913


  • adjective satellite with the inside surface on the outside

Patent insidesoutside

  • a name give to newspaper sheets printed on one side with general and miscellaneous matter, and furnished wholesale to offices of small newspapers, where the blank pages are filled up with recent and local news.
Webster 1913

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