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glory Idioms & Phrases

beach morning glory

  • noun a prostrate perennial of coastal sand dunes Florida to Texas
    Ipomoea pes-caprae; railroad vine.

common morning glory

  • noun annual or perennial climbing herb of Central America having sky-blue flowers; most commonly cultivated morning glory
    Ipomoea tricolor.
  • noun pantropical annual climbing herb with funnel-shaped blue, purple, pink or white flowers
    Ipomoea purpurea.

glory fern

  • noun named for a country house in Barbados where it was discovered
    Farley maidenhair fern; Adiantum tenerum farleyense; Barbados maidenhair; Farley maidenhair.

Glory hole

  • noun a small locker at the stern of a boat or between decks of a ship
  • an opening in the wall of a glass furnace, exposing the brilliant white light of the interior. Knight.
Webster 1913

glory lily

  • noun any plant of the genus Gloriosa of tropical Africa and Asia; a perennial herb climbing by means of tendrils at leaf tips having showy yellow to red or purple flowers; all parts are poisonous
    climbing lily; gloriosa; creeping lily; Gloriosa superba.

Glory pea

  • noun any of various shrubs or vines of the genus Clianthus having compound leaves and pea-like red flowers in drooping racemes
  • (Bot.), the name of two leguminous plants (Clianthus Dampieri and C. puniceus) of Australia and New Zeland. They have showy scarlet or crimson flowers.
Webster 1913

Glory tree

  • (Bot.), a name given to several species of the verbenaceous genus Clerodendron, showy flowering shrubs of tropical regions.
Webster 1913

imperial japanese morning glory

  • noun hybrid from Ipomoea nil
    Ipomoea imperialis.

japanese morning glory

  • noun annual Old World tropical climbing herb distinguished by wide color range and frilled or double flowers
    Ipomoea nil.

morning glory

  • noun any of various twining vines having funnel-shaped flowers that close late in the day


Morn"ing-glo`ry noun
  1. (Bot.) A climbing plant (Ipomoea purpurea) having handsome, funnel-shaped flowers, usually red, pink, purple, white, or variegated, sometimes pale blue. See Dextrorsal.
Webster 1913

morning-glory family

  • noun morning glory; bindweed; sweet potato; plants having trumpet-shaped flowers and a climbing or twining habit
    Convolvulaceae; family Convolvulaceae.

old glory

  • noun the national flag of the United States of America
    American flag; Star-Spangled Banner; Stars and Stripes.

red morning-glory

  • noun annual herb having scarlet flowers; the eastern United States
    Ipomoea coccinea; star ipomoea.


  • noun tropical American annual climber having red (sometimes white) flowers and finely dissected leaves; naturalized in United States and elsewhere
    Ipomoea quamoclit; cypress vine; Quamoclit pennata; Indian pink.

wild morning-glory

  • noun common Eurasian and American wild climber with pink flowers; sometimes placed in genus Convolvulus
    Convolvulus sepium; hedge bindweed; Calystegia sepium.
  • noun weakly climbing European perennial with white or pink flowers; naturalized in North America and an invasive weed
    field bindweed; Convolvulus arvensis.

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