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extract Idioms & Phrases

almond extract

  • noun flavoring made from almonds macerated in alcohol

Aqueous extract

  • an extract obtained from a vegetable substance by steeping it in water.
Webster 1913

cola extract

  • noun a flavoring extracted from the kola nut

Fluid extract

  • (Med.), a concentrated liquid preparation, containing a definite proportion of the active principles of a medicinal substance. At present a fluid gram of extract should represent a gram of the crude drug.
Webster 1913

goulards extract

Gou*lard"s" ex"tract"
Named after the introducer, Thomas Goulard, a French surgeon.
  1. (Med.) An aqueous solution of the subacetate of lead, used as a lotion in cases of inflammation. Goulard's cerate is a cerate containing this extract.
Webster 1913

lemon extract

  • noun a flavoring made from (or imitating) lemons

To extract the root

  • (Math.), to ascertain the root of a number or quantity.
Webster 1913

vanilla extract

  • noun a flavoring prepared from vanilla beans macerated in alcohol (or imitating vanilla beans)

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