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deadly Idioms & Phrases

Deadly nightshade

  • noun perennial Eurasian herb with reddish bell-shaped flowers and shining black berries; extensively grown in United States; roots and leaves yield atropine
    belladonna; belladonna plant; Atropa belladonna.
  • noun poisonous perennial Old World vine having violet flowers and oval coral-red berries; widespread weed in North America
    bittersweet; bittersweet nightshade; climbing nightshade; poisonous nightshade; woody nightshade; Solanum dulcamara.
  • (Bot.), a poisonous plant; belladonna. See under Nightshade.
Webster 1913

deadly sin

  • noun an unpardonable sin entailing a total loss of grace
    mortal sin.
    • theologians list seven mortal sins

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