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altitude Idioms & Phrases

altitude sickness

  • noun effects (as nosebleed or nausea) of oxygen deficiency in the blood and tissues at high altitudes

Circle of altitude

  • (Astron.), a circle parallel to the horizon, having its pole in the zenith; an almucantar.
Webster 1913


  • adjective satellite occurring at or from a relative high altitude
    • high-level bombing


  • adjective satellite occurring at a relatively low altitude
    • a low-level strafing run

Meridian altitude

  • an arc of the meridian intercepted between the south point on the horizon and any point on the meridian. See Meridian, 3.
Webster 1913

Parallel of altitude

  • (Astron.), one of the small circles of the sphere, parallel to the horizon; an almucantar.
Webster 1913

Quadrant of altitude

  • an appendage of the artificial globe, consisting of a slip of brass of the length of a quadrant of one of the great circles of the globe, and graduated. It may be fitted to the meridian, and being movable round to all points of the horizon, serves as a scale in measuring altitudes, azimuths, etc.
Webster 1913