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violation Meaning, Definition & Usage

  1. noun a crime less serious than a felony
    infraction; infringement; misdemeanor; misdemeanour.
  2. noun an act that disregards an agreement or a right
    • he claimed a violation of his rights under the Fifth Amendment
  3. noun entry to another's property without right or permission
    trespass; encroachment; usurpation; intrusion.
  4. noun a disrespectful act
  5. noun the crime of forcing a woman to submit to sexual intercourse against her will
    assault; rape; ravishment.

Vi`o*la"tion noun
L. violatio: cf. F. violation.
  1. The act of violating, treating with violence, or injuring; the state of being violated. Specifically: -- (a) Infringement; transgression; nonobservance; as, the violation of law or positive command, of covenants, promises, etc. "The violation of my faith." Shak. (b) An act of irreverence or desecration; profanation or contemptuous treatment of sacred things; as, the violation of a church. Udall. (c) Interruption, as of sleep or peace; disturbance. (d) Ravishment; rape; outrage. Shak.

Webster 1913

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