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stiletto Meaning, Definition & Usage

  1. noun a small dagger with a tapered blade

Sti*let"to noun
It., dim. of stilo a dagger, fr. L. stilus a pointed instrument. See Style for writing, and cf. Stylet.
plural Stilettos
  1. A kind of dagger with a slender, rounded, and pointed blade.
  2. A pointed instrument for making eyelet holes in embroidery.
  3. A beard trimmed into a pointed form. Obs.
    The very quack of fashions, the very he that Wears a stiletto on his chin. Ford.
Sti*let"to transitive verb
imperfect & past participle Stilettoed ; present participle & verbal noun Stilettoing
  1. To stab or kill with a stiletto. Bacon.

Webster 1913

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