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stickler Meaning, Definition & Usage

  1. noun someone who insists on something
    • a stickler for promptness

Stic"kler noun
See Stickle, v. t.
  1. One who stickles. Specifically: -- (a) One who arbitrates a duel; a sidesman to a fencer; a second; an umpire. Obs.
    Basilius, the judge, appointed sticklers and trumpets whom the others should obey. Sir P. Sidney.
    Our former chiefs, like sticklers of the war, First sought to inflame the parties, then to poise. Dryden.
    (b) One who pertinaciously contends for some trifling things, as a point of etiquette; an unreasonable, obstinate contender; as, a stickler for ceremony.
    The Tory or High-church were the greatest sticklers against the exorbitant proceedings of King James II. Swift.

Webster 1913

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