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spirited Meaning, Definition & Usage

  1. verb infuse with spirit
    spirit up; spirit; inspirit.
    • The company spirited him up
  2. adjective displaying animation, vigor, or liveliness
  3. adjective satellite marked by lively action
    bouncing; bouncy; peppy; zippy.
    • a bouncing gait
    • bouncy tunes
    • the peppy and interesting talk
    • a spirited dance
  4. adjective satellite willing to face danger
    gritty; spunky; mettlesome; gamy; game; gamey.
  5. adjective satellite made lively or spirited
    • a meal enlivened by the music
    • a spirited debate

Spir"it*ed adjective
  1. Animated or possessed by a spirit. Obs. "So talked the spirited, sly snake." Milton.
  2. Animated; full of life or vigor; lively; full of spirit or fire; as, a spirited oration; a spirited answer. Spirited is much used in composition; as in high-spirited, low-spirited, mean-spirited, etc. Syn. -- Lively; vivacious; animated; ardent; active; bold; courageous. -- Spir"it*ed*ly, adv. -- Spir"it*ed*ness, n.

Webster 1913

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