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somehow Meaning, Definition & Usage

  1. adverb in some unspecified way or manner; or by some unspecified means
    someway; someways; in some manner; in some way.
    • they managed somehow
    • he expected somehow to discover a woman who would love him
    • he tried to make is someway acceptable
  2. adverb for some unspecified reason;
    • It doesn't seem fair somehow
    • he had me dead to rights but somehow I got away with it

Some"how` adverb
  1. In one way or another; in some way not yet known or designated; by some means; as, the thing must be done somehow; he lives somehow.
    By their action upon one another they may be swelled somehow, so as to shorten the length. Cheyne.
    ✍ The indefiniteness of somehow is emphasized by the addition of or other.
    Although youngest of the familly, he has somehow or other got the entire management of all the others. Sir W. Scott.

Webster 1913

"Rowling never met an adverb she didn't like."

-Stephen King on J.K Rowling's excessive use of adverbs.

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