slink Meaning, Definition & Usage

  1. verb walk stealthily
    • I saw a cougar slinking toward its prey


Slink transitive verb
AS. slincan; probably akin to G. schleichen, E. sleek. See Sleek, a.
imperfect Slunk archaic Slank ; past participle Slunk; present participle & verbal noun Slinking
  1. To creep away meanly; to steal away; to sneak. "To slink away and hide." Tale of Beryn.
    Back to the thicket slunk The guilty serpent. Milton.
    There were some few who slank obliquely from them as they passed. Landor.
  2. To miscarry; -- said of female beasts.
Slink transitive verb
  1. To cast prematurely; -- said of female beasts; as, a cow that slinks her calf.
Slink adjective
  1. Produced prematurely; as, a slink calf.
  2. Thin; lean. Scot.
Slink noun
  1. The young of a beast brought forth prematurely, esp. a calf brought forth before its time.
  2. A thievish fellow; a sneak. Prov. Eng. & Scot.

Webster 1913