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shortness Meaning, Definition & Usage

  1. noun the property of being of short spatial extent
    • the shortness of the Channel crossing
  2. noun the condition of being short of something
    • there was no shortness of money
    • can cause shortness of breath
  3. noun the property of being truncated or short
  4. noun the property of being of short temporal extent
    • the shortness of air travel time
  5. noun the property of being shorter than average stature
  6. noun an abrupt discourteous manner
    curtness; gruffness; abruptness; brusqueness.

Short"ness noun
  1. The quality or state of being short; want of reach or extension; brevity; deficiency; as, the shortness of a journey; the shortness of the days in winter; the shortness of an essay; the shortness of the memory; a shortness of provisions; shortness of breath.

Webster 1913

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