sedulous Meaning, Definition & Usage

  1. adjective satellite marked by care and persistent effort
    • her assiduous attempts to learn French
    • assiduous research
    • sedulous pursuit of legal and moral principles


Sed"u*lous adjective
L. sedulus, perhaps from sedere to sit, and so akin to E. sit.
  1. Diligent in application or pursuit; constant, steady, and persevering in business, or in endeavors to effect an object; steadily industrious; assiduous; as, the sedulous bee.
    What signifies the sound of words in prayer, without the affection of the heart, and a sedulous application of the proper means that may naturally lead us to such an end? L'Estrange.
    Syn. -- Assiduous; diligent; industrious; laborious; unremitting; untiring; unwearied; persevering. -- Sed"u*lous*ly, adv. -- Sed"u*lous*ness, n.

Webster 1913