prolate Meaning, Definition & Usage

  1. adjective having the polar diameter greater than the equatorial diameter
    • a prolate spheroid is generated by revolving an ellipse about its major axis
  2. adjective satellite rounded like an egg
    oval-shaped; ovate; ovoid; elliptic; elliptical; oval; egg-shaped; oviform.


Pro"late adjective
L. prolatus, used as p. p. of proferre to bring forth, to extend; pro + latus, p. p. See Pro-, and Tolerate.
  1. Stretched out; extended; especially, elongated in the direction of a line joining the poles; as, a prolate spheroid; -- opposed to oblate.
Pro*late" transitive verb
  1. To utter; to pronounce. Obs. "Foun-der-ed; prolate it right." B. Jonson.

Webster 1913