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postdate Meaning, Definition & Usage

  1. verb be later in time
    • Tuesday always follows Monday
  2. verb establish something as being later relative to something else

Post"date` transitive verb
Pref. post- + date.
imperfect & past participle Postdated; present participle & verbal noun Postdating
  1. To date after the real time; as, to postdate a contract, that is, to date it later than the time when it was in fact made.
  2. To affix a date to after the event.
Post"date` adjective
  1. Made or done after the date assigned.
    Of these [predictions] some were postdate; cunningly made after the thing came to pass. Fuller.
Post"date` noun
  1. A date put to a bill of exchange or other paper, later than that when it was actually made.

Webster 1913

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