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political Meaning, Definition & Usage

  1. adjective involving or characteristic of politics or parties or politicians
    • calling a meeting is a political act in itself"- Daniel Goleman
    • political pressure
    • a political machine
    • political office
    • political policy
  2. adjective of or relating to your views about social relationships involving authority or power
    • political opinions
  3. adjective of or relating to the profession of governing
    • political career

Po*lit"i*cal adjective
  1. Having, or conforming to, a settled system of administration. R. "A political government." Evelyn.
  2. Of or pertaining to public policy, or to politics; relating to affairs of state or administration; as, a political writer. "The political state of Europe." Paley.
  3. Of or pertaining to a party, or to parties, in the state; as, his political relations were with the Whigs.
  4. Politic; wise; also, artful. Obs. Sterne.

Webster 1913

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