peach Meaning, Definition & Usage

  1. noun cultivated in temperate regions
    peach tree; Prunus persica.
  2. noun a very attractive or seductive looking woman
    sweetheart; beauty; knockout; lulu; smasher; stunner; ravisher; mantrap; dish; looker.
  3. noun downy juicy fruit with sweet yellowish or whitish flesh
  4. noun a shade of pink tinged with yellow
    yellowish pink; salmon pink; apricot.
  5. verb divulge confidential information or secrets
    let the cat out of the bag; babble; spill the beans; babble out; tattle; blab out; sing; blab; talk.
    • Be careful--his secretary talks


Peach transitive verb
See Appeach, Impeach.
  1. To accuse of crime; to inform against. Obs. Foxe.
Peach intransitive verb
  1. To turn informer; to betray one's accomplice. Obs. or Colloq.
    If I be ta'en, I'll peach for this. Shak.
Peach noun
OE. peche, peshe, OF. pesche, F. pêche, fr. LL. persia, L. Persicum (sc. malum) a Persian apple, a peach. Cf. Persian, and Parsee.
  1. (Bot.) A well-known high-flavored juicy fruit, containing one or two seeds in a hard almond-like endocarp or stone; also, the tree which bears it (Prunus, ∨ Amygdalus Persica). In the wild stock the fruit is hard and inedible.

Webster 1913