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mediate Meaning, Definition & Usage

  1. verb act between parties with a view to reconciling differences
    intermediate; liaise; intercede; arbitrate.
    • He interceded in the family dispute
    • He mediated a settlement
  2. verb occupy an intermediate or middle position or form a connecting link or stage between two others
    • mediate between the old and the new
  3. adjective acting through or dependent on an intervening agency
    • the disease spread by mediate as well as direct contact
  4. adjective satellite being neither at the beginning nor at the end in a series
    in-between; middle.
    • adolescence is an awkward in-between age
    • in a mediate position
    • the middle point on a line

Me"di*ate adjective
L. mediatus, p. p. of mediare, v. t., to halve, v. i., to be in the middle. See Mid, and cf. Moiety.
  1. Being between the two extremes; middle; interposed; intervening; intermediate. Prior.
  2. Acting by means, or by an intervening cause or instrument; not direct or immediate; acting or suffering through an intervening agent or condition.
  3. Gained or effected by a medium or condition. Bacon.
    An act of mediate knowledge is complex. Sir W. Hamilton.
Me"di*ate intransitive verb
LL. mediatus, p. p. of mediare to mediate. See Mediate, a.
imperfect & past participle Mediated ; present participle & verbal noun Mediating
  1. To be in the middle, or between two; to intervene. R.
  2. To interpose between parties, as the equal friend of each, esp. for the purpose of effecting a reconciliation or agreement; as, to mediate between nations.
Me"di*ate transitive verb
  1. To effect by mediation or interposition; to bring about as a mediator, instrument, or means; as, to mediate a peace.
  2. To divide into two equal parts. R. Holder.

Webster 1913

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