magistral Meaning, Definition & Usage

Mag"is*tral adjective
L. magistralis: cf. F. magistral. See Magistrate.
  1. Pertaining to a master; magisterial; authoritative; dogmatic.
  2. Commanded or prescribed by a magister, esp. by a doctor; hence, effectual; sovereign; as, a magistral sirup. "Some magistral opiate." Bacon.
  3. (Pharmacy) Formulated extemporaneously, or for a special case; -- opposed to officinal, and said of prescriptions and medicines. Dunglison.
Mag"is*tral noun
  1. (Med.) A sovereign medicine or remedy. Obs. Burton.
  2. (Fort.) A magistral line.
  3. (Metal.) Powdered copper pyrites used in the amalgamation of ores of silver, as at the Spanish mines of Mexico and South America.

Webster 1913