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latin Meaning, Definition & Usage

  1. noun any dialect of the language of ancient Rome
  2. noun an inhabitant of ancient Latium
  3. noun a person who is a member of those peoples whose languages derived from Latin
  4. adjective of or relating to the ancient Latins or the Latin language
    • Latin verb conjugations
  5. adjective relating to people or countries speaking Romance languages
    • Latin America
  6. adjective relating to languages derived from Latin
    • Romance languages
  7. adjective of or relating to the ancient region of Latium
    • Latin towns

Lat"in adjective
F., fr. L. Latinus belonging to Latium, Latin, fr. Latium a country of Italy, in which Rome was situated. Cf. Ladin, Lateen sail, under Lateen.
  1. Of or pertaining to Latium, or to the Latins, a people of Latium; Roman; as, the Latin language.
  2. Of, pertaining to, or composed in, the language used by the Romans or Latins; as, a Latin grammar; a Latin composition or idiom.
Lat"in noun
  1. A native or inhabitant of Latium; a Roman.
  2. The language of the ancient Romans.
  3. An exercise in schools, consisting in turning English into Latin. Obs. Ascham.
  4. (Eccl.) A member of the Roman Catholic Church.
Lat"in transitive verb
  1. To write or speak in Latin; to turn or render into Latin. Obs. Fuller.

Webster 1913

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