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knotted Meaning, Definition & Usage

  1. verb make into knots; make knots out of
    • She knotted her fingers
  2. verb tie or fasten into a knot
    • knot the shoelaces
  3. verb tangle or complicate
    tangle; ravel; knot.
    • a ravelled story
  4. adjective satellite tied with a knot
    • his carefully knotted necktie
  5. adjective satellite used of old persons or old trees; covered with knobs or knots
    gnarly; gnarled; knobbed; knotty.
    • gnarled and knotted hands
    • a knobbed stick

Knot"ted adjective
  1. Full of knots; having knots knurled; as, a knotted cord; the knotted oak. Dryden.
  2. Interwoven; matted; entangled.
    Make . . . thy knotted and combined locks to part. Shak.
  3. Having intersecting lines or figures.
    The west corner of thy curious knotted garden. Shak.
  4. (Geol.) Characterized by small, detached points, chiefly composed of mica, less decomposable than the mass of the rock, and forming knots in relief on the weathered surface; as, knotted rocks. Percival.
  5. Entangled; puzzling; knotty. R.
    They're catched in knotted lawlike nets. Hudibras.

Webster 1913