jungle Meaning, Definition & Usage

  1. noun a location marked by an intense competition and struggle for survival
  2. noun a place where hoboes camp
    hobo camp.
  3. noun an impenetrable equatorial forest


Jun"gle noun
Hind. jangal desert, forest, jungle; Skr. jagala desert.
  1. A dense growth of brushwood, grasses, reeds, vines, etc.; an almost impenetrable thicket of trees, canes, and reedy vegetation, as in India, Africa, Australia, and Brazil.
    The jungles of India are of bamboos, canes, and other palms, very difficult to penetrate. Balfour (Cyc. of India).
  2. (Fig.) a place of danger or ruthless competition for survival.
    "It's a jungle out there"
  3. anything which causes difficulty due to intricacy; as a jungle of environmental regulations.

Webster 1913