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intelligent Meaning, Definition & Usage

  1. adjective having the capacity for thought and reason especially to a high degree
    • is there intelligent life in the universe?
    • an intelligent question
  2. adjective satellite possessing sound knowledge
    • well-informed readers
  3. adjective satellite exercising or showing good judgment
    healthy; levelheaded; sound; level-headed.
    • healthy scepticism
    • a healthy fear of rattlesnakes
    • the healthy attitude of French laws
    • healthy relations between labor and management
    • an intelligent solution
    • a sound approach to the problem
    • sound advice
    • no sound explanation for his decision
  4. adjective satellite endowed with the capacity to reason
    thinking; reasoning.

In*tel"li*gent adjective
L. intelligens, intellegens, -entis, p. pr. of intelligere, intellegere, to perceive; inter between + legere to gather, collect, choose: cf. F. intelligent. See Legend.
  1. Endowed with the faculty of understanding or reason; as, man is an intelligent being.
  2. Possessed of intelligence, education, or judgment; knowing; sensible; skilled; marked by intelligence; as, an intelligent young man; an intelligent architect; an intelligent answer.
  3. Gognizant; aware; communicate. Obs.
    Intelligent of seasons. Milton.
    Which are to France the spies and speculations Intelligent of our state. Shak.
    Syn. -- Sensible; understanding. See Sensible.

Webster 1913

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