indemnity Meaning, Definition & Usage

  1. noun protection against future loss
  2. noun legal exemption from liability for damages
  3. noun a sum of money paid in compensation for loss or injury
    indemnification; amends; redress; damages; restitution.


In*dem"ni*ty noun
L. indemnitas, fr. indemnis uninjured: cf. F. indemnité. See Indemnify.
plural Indemnities
  1. Security; insurance; exemption from loss or damage, past or to come; immunity from penalty, or the punishment of past offenses; amnesty.
    Having first obtained a promise of indemnity for the riot they had committed. Sir W. Scott.
  2. Indemnification, compensation, or remuneration for loss, damage, or injury sustained.
    They were told to expect, upon the fall of Walpole, a large and lucrative indemnity for their pretended wrongs. Ld. Mahon.
    ✍ Insurance is a contract of indemnity. Arnould. The owner of private property taken for public use is entitled to compensation or indemnity. Kent.

Webster 1913