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incumbency Meaning, Definition & Usage

  1. noun the term during which some position is held
    term of office; tenure.
  2. noun a duty that is incumbent upon you
  3. noun the office of an incumbent

In*cum"ben*cy noun
From Incumbent.
plural Incumbencies
  1. The state of being incumbent; a lying or resting on something.
  2. That which is physically incumbent; that which lies as a burden; a weight. Evelyn.
  3. That which is morally incumbent, or is imposed, as a rule, a duty, obligation, or responsibility. "The incumbencies of a family." Donne.
  4. The state of holding a benefice; the full possession and exercise of any office.
    These fines are only to be paid to the bishop during his incumbency. Swift.

Webster 1913

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