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inclined Meaning, Definition & Usage

  1. verb have a tendency or disposition to do or be something; be inclined
    run; incline; lean; be given; tend.
    • She tends to be nervous before her lectures
    • These dresses run small
    • He inclined to corpulence
  2. verb bend or turn (one's ear) towards a speaker in order to listen well
    • He inclined his ear to the wise old man
  3. verb lower or bend (the head or upper body), as in a nod or bow
    • She inclined her head to the student
  4. verb be at an angle
    slope; incline; pitch.
    • The terrain sloped down
  5. verb feel favorably disposed or willing
    • She inclines to the view that people should be allowed to expres their religious beliefs
  6. verb make receptive or willing towards an action or attitude or belief
    dispose; incline.
    • Their language inclines us to believe them
  7. adjective (often followed by `to') having a preference, disposition, or tendency
    • wasn't inclined to believe the excuse
    • inclined to be moody
  8. adjective at an angle to the horizontal or vertical position
    • an inclined plane
  9. adjective satellite having made preparations
    fain; disposed; prepared.
    • prepared to take risks

In*clined" past participle & adjective
  1. Having a leaning or tendency towards, or away from, a thing; disposed or moved by wish, desire, or judgment; as, a man inclined to virtue. "Each pensively inclined." Cowper.
  2. (Math.) Making an angle with some line or plane; -- said of a line or plane.
  3. (Bot.) Bent out of a perpendicular position, or into a curve with the convex side uppermost.

Webster 1913

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