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honest Meaning, Definition & Usage

  1. adjective not disposed to cheat or defraud; not deceptive or fraudulent
    • honest lawyers
    • honest reporting
  2. adjective satellite without dissimulation; frank
    • my honest opinion
  3. adjective satellite worthy of being depended on
    true; reliable; dependable.
    • a dependable worker
    • an honest working stiff
    • a reliable sourcSFLe of information
    • he was true to his word
    • I would be true for there are those who trust me
  4. adjective satellite without pretensions
    • worked at an honest trade
    • good honest food
  5. adjective satellite marked by truth
    • gave honest answers
    • honest reporting
  6. adjective satellite not forged
    • a good dollar bill
  7. adjective satellite gained or earned without cheating or stealing
    • an honest wage
    • an fair penny

Hon"est adjective
OE. honest, onest, OF. honeste, oneste, F. honnête, L. honestus, fr. honos, honor, honor. See Honor.
  1. Decent; honorable; suitable; becoming. Chaucer.
    Belong what honest clothes you send forth to bleaching! Shak.
  2. Characterized by integrity or fairness and straightforwardness in conduct, thought, speech, etc.; upright; just; equitable; trustworthy; truthful; sincere; free from fraud, guile, or duplicity; not false; -- said of persons and acts, and of things to which a moral quality is imputed; as, an honest judge or merchant; an honest statement; an honest bargain; an honest business; an honest book; an honest confession.
    An honest man's the noblest work of God. Pope.
    An honest physician leaves his patient when he can contribute no farther to his health. Sir W. Temple.
    Look ye out among you seven men of honest report. Acts vi. 3.
    Provide things honest in the sight of all men. Rom. xii. 17.
  3. Open; frank; as, an honest countenance.
  4. Chaste; faithfuk; virtuous.
    Wives may be merry, and yet honest too. Shak.
    Syn. -- Upright; ingenuous; honorable; trusty; faithful; equitable; fair; just; rightful; sincere; frank; candid; genuine.
Hon"est transitive verb
L. honestare to clothe or adorn with honor: cf. F. honester. See Honest, a.
  1. To adorn; to grace; to honor; to make becoming, appropriate, or honorable. Obs. Abp. Sandys.

Webster 1913

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