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hatching Meaning, Definition & Usage

  1. noun the production of young from an egg
  2. noun shading consisting of multiple crossing lines
    crosshatch; hachure; hatch.
  3. verb emerge from the eggs
    • young birds, fish, and reptiles hatch
  4. verb devise or invent
    think up; think of; dream up; concoct; hatch.
    • He thought up a plan to get rich quickly
    • no-one had ever thought of such a clever piece of software
  5. verb inlay with narrow strips or lines of a different substance such as gold or silver, for the purpose of decorating
  6. verb draw, cut, or engrave lines, usually parallel, on metal, wood, or paper
    • hatch the sheet
  7. verb sit on (eggs)
    incubate; brood; cover; hatch.
    • Birds brood
    • The female covers the eggs

Hatch"ing noun
See 1st Hatch.
  1. A mode of execution in engraving, drawing, and miniature painting, in which shading is produced by lines crossing each other at angles more or less acute; -- called also crosshatching.

Webster 1913