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explore Meaning, Definition & Usage

  1. verb inquire into
    search; research.
    • the students had to research the history of the Second World War for their history project
    • He searched for information on his relatives on the web
    • Scientists are exploring the nature of consciousness
  2. verb travel to or penetrate into
    • explore unknown territory in biology
  3. verb examine minutely
  4. verb examine (organs) for diagnostic purposes

Ex*plore" transitive verb
L. explorare to explore; ex out+plorare to cry out aloud,prob. orig., to cause to flow; perh. akin to E. flow: cf. F. explorer.
imperfect & past participle Explored;present participle & verbal noun Exploring
  1. To seek for or after; to strive to attain by search; to look wisely and carefully for. Obs.
    Explores the lost, the wandering sheep directs. Pope.
  2. To search through or into; to penetrate or range over for discovery; to examine thoroughly; as, to explore new countries or seas; to explore the depths of science. "Hidden frauds [to] explore." Dryden.

Webster 1913