essoin Meaning, Definition & Usage

Es*soin", Es*soign noun (Also<
  • Essoin
  • Essoign
OF. essoine, essoigne, F. exoine, L. essonia, exonia; pref. ex- (L. ex from) + sunnis, sunnia, sonia, hindrance, excuse. Cf. Icel. syn refusal, synja to deny, refuse, Goth. sunja truth, sunj&omac;n to justify, OS. sunnea impediment, OHG. sunna.
  1. (Eng. Law) An excuse for not appearing in court at the return of process; the allegation of an excuse to the court.
  2. Excuse; exemption. Obs.
    From every work he challenged essoin. Spenser.
Es*soin" transitive verb
OF. essoinier, essoignier, essonier, LL. essoniare, exoniare. See Essoin, n.
  1. (Eng. Law) To excuse for nonappearance in court. "I 'll not essoin thee." Quarles.

Webster 1913