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dialectic Meaning, Definition & Usage

  1. noun any formal system of reasoning that arrives at the truth by the exchange of logical arguments
  2. noun a contradiction of ideas that serves as the determining factor in their interaction
    • this situation created the inner dialectic of American history
  3. adjective of or relating to or employing dialectic
    • the dialectical method

Di`a*lec"tic noun
  1. Same as Dialectics.
    Plato placed his dialectic above all sciences. Liddell & Scott.
Di`a*lec"tic, Di`a*lec"tic*al adjective (Also<
  • Dialectic
  • Dialectical
L. dialecticus, Gr. : cf. F. dialectique. See Dialect.
  1. Pertaining to dialectics; logical; argumental.
  2. Pertaining to a dialect or to dialects. Earle.

Webster 1913

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