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crouch Meaning, Definition & Usage

  1. noun the act of bending low with the limbs close to the body
  2. verb bend one's back forward from the waist on down
    stoop; bend; bow.
    • he crouched down
    • She bowed before the Queen
    • The young man stooped to pick up the girl's purse
  3. verb sit on one's heels
    scrunch; hunker down; hunker; squat; scrunch up.
    • In some cultures, the women give birth while squatting
    • The children hunkered down to protect themselves from the sandstorm

Crouch intransitive verb
OE. cruchen, crouchen, crouken; cf. E. creep, G. krauchen, kriechen, or E. crook to bend, also crouch to cross.
imperfect & past participle Crouched present participle & verbal noun Crouching
  1. To bend down; to stoop low; to lie close to the ground with the logs bent, as an animal when waiting for prey, or in fear.
    Now crouch like a cur. Beau. & Fl.
  2. To bend servilely; to stoop meanly; to fawn; to cringe. "A crouching purpose." Wordsworth.
    Must I stand and crouch Under your testy humor? Shak.
Crouch transitive verb
OE. cruchen, crouchen, from cruche, crouche, cross. Cf. Crosier, Crook.
  1. To sign with the cross; to bless. Obs. Chaucer.
  2. To bend, or cause to bend, as in humility or fear.
    She folded her arms across her chest, And crouched her head upon her breast. Colerige.

Webster 1913